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Kakairu - Touchstone Ch 6
They collapsed to the floor of the shower still clinging to one another. Kakashi’s voice cracked when he finally spoke, “I almost…. There was this kid and I almost…. Just an innocent little kid…” He trailed off, and Iruka closed his eyes, trying hard not to think about how much worse this would have been if Kakashi’s training had completely taken over, and he’d killed the child.
"Shh, ashele, shhhhh.” Iruka whispered into the silvery hair, “It's okay, I promise it's going to be okay." He’d heard this tone in his voice before, usually when one of his students came to him with some ‘dire’ problem that had left them crying, like Kakashi was now, the sobs wracking his chest as the tears blended with the trails of water from the shower raining down on them. Iruka nuzzled his face into the soft hair, rubbed Kakashi’s back in gentle circles, and continued whispering words of comfort until the water started to turn co
:iconaythli:Aythli 78 105
Mature content
Kakairu - Touchstone Ch 5 :iconaythli:Aythli 85 73
Kakairu - Touchstone Ch 4
The air drifting out of the open window curled up around the awning and over the edge of the roof; it smelled of water, trees and chalk dust – a combination that was distinctly Iruka – and of….
Dead fish?
Kakashi dropped into the open window, landing in a crouch and raising his hand in a half-wave, “Yo, Iru….ka?”
Shizune grinned up at him from where she was sprawled on the couch, hands full of fish, calmly bending the scaled body back and forth, and Kakashi was sure that he heard soft snaps emanating from it. “Morning, Kakashi-san!” She paused to study the fish, and then, seeming satisfied, dropped it onto a growing pile on the table in front of her.
Kakashi looked from the pile of fish, to Shizune, and back to the pile of fish, “What are you….?”
“Shizune-san, will this work?” Kakashi turned his attention to the doorway as Iruka turned the corner into the living room and stopped dead. “Kakashi-san? Why are you here?&
:iconaythli:Aythli 79 64
Kakairu - Touchstone Ch 3
The sick sticking sound as he pulled himself free of his sheets almost made Iruka hurl. As he staggered slowly to the bathroom, he was incredibly grateful that he’d been too busy to eat lunch yesterday and too tired when he’d gotten home to even consider the possibility of dinner.  Unfortunately, the rumble of the ancient pipes in his bathroom as he turned on the shower failed to drown out the word ‘dinner’ as it echoed around inside his pounding head, and he had a sudden flashback to Kakashi sitting on the side of his bed, one hand on his shoulder, and all to fully aware of how badly Anko had kicked his ass.
Iruka groaned, wincing as the water pounded against the open wounds on his back. How long’s it going to be before he realizes this was a mistake…?
The shower made him feel slightly more human, but the contortions he had to go through in order to get his shirt over his head pulled some of the half-formed scabs, and he was sure a couple
:iconaythli:Aythli 80 47
Kakairu - Touchstone Ch 2
Tsunade glanced out the window where she could just make out the very tips of silver hair poking up over the edge of the windowsill. She snickered into her tea. Here’s a man who has faced down countless enemies, and he’s too scared to ask one of his fellow shinobi for a favor. I’m never gonna let him live this down. The soft knocking on her door brought her out of her thoughts, and she smiled up at the chuunin as he leaned around the doorframe.
“Ohayo, Hokage-sama. Shizune said that you needed to see me.” Iruka stopped in the open space between her desk and the door, as if he was unsure if he should come any closer.
She waived him forward, “Please, sit.” She barely hid a smile when he perched on the very edge of the chair, hands shoved under his thighs and shoulders hunched up slightly. She could only guess at what was going through his mind, but the general rule was that if you got asked to sit down in the hokage’s office, yo
:iconaythli:Aythli 91 58
Kakairu - Touchstone Ch 1
In the darkest moments of our lives, we need a solid rock to brace our backs against; we need someone to hold us and tell us everything will be alright. And when we fall through their window in the middle of the night, bleeding all over their stuff, we need someone who will yell at us for being an idiot, but will still treat our wounds and keep us from dying in the middle of their living room.
Anime: Naruto
Pairing: Kakairu (of course, do I write anything else? Heh, gotta work on that)
Will be rated M for a reason, but I’ll warn you when it happens so you can skip the chapter if you want!
All the credit for this idea goes to SumiHatake! The only thing I did was steal it and write a bad first chapter. But enjoy anyway!
“Explain to me how you got these wounds.” Tsunade’s voice was low, angry and not overly patient.
Kakashi continued to stare through the window at the darkening sky outside; his mind far away from his current and rather dangerous
:iconaythli:Aythli 181 119
Enter. Iruka-sensei Pages01,02 by Fushigi-Reptile Enter. Iruka-sensei Pages01,02 :iconfushigi-reptile:Fushigi-Reptile 765 159 Kakashi and Iruka by saniika Kakashi and Iruka :iconsaniika:saniika 1,857 361 Hanging Out With Iruka by obiewolf Hanging Out With Iruka :iconobiewolf:obiewolf 488 70 Release by Ana-Lyn Release :iconana-lyn:Ana-Lyn 50 48 kakashi by jaybhoi kakashi :iconjaybhoi:jaybhoi 1 0 Naruto Fan Comic 27 by one-of-the-Clayr Naruto Fan Comic 27 :iconone-of-the-clayr:one-of-the-Clayr 1,832 395 Naruto Fan Comic 04 by one-of-the-Clayr Naruto Fan Comic 04 :iconone-of-the-clayr:one-of-the-Clayr 2,377 385 Naruto Fan Comic 19 - pt 2 by one-of-the-Clayr Naruto Fan Comic 19 - pt 2 :iconone-of-the-clayr:one-of-the-Clayr 1,263 118 Naruto Fan Comic 19 - pt 1 by one-of-the-Clayr Naruto Fan Comic 19 - pt 1 :iconone-of-the-clayr:one-of-the-Clayr 1,371 103
Hey guys!

I know I haven't been hanging around dA as much as I used to - and to be perfectly honest, it's probably going to continue to be the trend!

I just wanted to let you know that I'm still hanging around online... I just have confined myself to mostly posting on tumblr these days.

SO if you want to get in contact or continue to see my art (yes I still art), then feel free to go find me at my page 

Alternatively - if you ONLY want to see my art, you can follow my art blog.

I also have a YOUTUBE CHANNEL where I'm uploading my speedpaints now so if you'd like to subscribe to me and help me out, you can do that here

Lastly, I'm also on twitter, so if you're super interested in my personal life (ahahaha) go find me there.

Also - I'm moving to the UK early next year, so if anyone living in the UK wants to hit me up, just PM me on tumblr :)

Hope to see you guys around!


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